Plants and animals are prone to disease attacks. Diseases affect the normal functioning of the living organism and may lead to death if the immune system is not strong enough to withstand the attack. For humans, health can be managed through medication and other medical interventions, but for trees and other plants, a careful approach is needed to prevent tree death. Many providers of landscaping services in Fort Wayne, in a bid to protect trees from death caused by diseases and disease-causing pathogens, choose tree injections.

Tree injections offer a viable approach to protecting trees from disease and pests that can compromise their health and lead to death. This solution not only ensures the health of trees but also significantly improves your yard and landscape while protecting your property and its inhabitants from the common hazards associated with tree falls.

With trees in the urban areas being prone to pest and disease attack, the tree injection method has proven to be one of the most effective methods of safeguarding tree health and combating these external effects.

What is Tree Injection?

Tree injection is simply the introduction of measured chemicals or nutrients into the tree. Similar to human injection, this process can be used to introduce nutrients that boost the health of the tree or can be used to introduce medications that boost the immune level of the tree or prevent it from diseases and pest attacks.

Tree injections can also be used to boost the survival chances of any tree whose health has been compromised. There are two common tree problems that tree injections are recommended for as the most viable treatment approach. These problems include Dutch Elm Disease and the Emerald Ash Borers invasion.

Dutch Elm Disease

This fungal disease blocks the tree’s vascular system, thus starving it of access to water. This disease, over time, drains the tree of water and nutrients and then causes its death which may happen within weeks. To prevent the death of attacked trees, tree injections can be used as a viable measure to counter the disease’s effect and action. For such a problem like this, acting soon can save the tree and improve its health overall.

Emerald Ash Borer Infestation

This pest problem can lead to the death of a tree within weeks. Caused by a metallic-colored beetle introduced into the United States from Asia, affected trees suffer a lot of damages, depending on the extent of the infestation. Although this pest appears to be small in size with a length of about 20 millimeters and a width of 3 millimeters, it bores its way into the tree bark’s underside and lives there while feeding on the tree’s resources. The adult emerald ash borers lay eggs under the tree barks and these eggs, upon hatching, continue to feed on the tree until they become adults too. The action of these borers leaves trees looking broken and also exposes them to secondary infections that can lead to death. Affected trees can be saved by injecting your tree with the appropriate chemicals to kill off the pests and restore tree health.

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