Homeowners would like to have an evenly shaped and healthy lawn at all times. Every landscapering company knows better when to perform its yearly lawn care and get rid of the crabgrass developing rapidly in your lawn. Crabgrass is a persistent weed. It can dominate your garden in a matter of days. It’s impossible to get rid of it without professional help. That’s why leaving your home lawn care to the experts is the ultimate solution.

The Right Time To Apply Crabgrass Prevention

A single crabgrass plant is enough to spread more than 75,000 seeds in your garden. These will stay there for most of the winter and early spring, waiting for the right conditions to sprout. During summer, the expansion of crabgrass becomes massive, and sometimes it can exceed the healthy lawn reproduction. It takes no more than some water and sun for crabgrass to grow. That’s why summer is the perfect season for its proliferation, and by the time you think of doing something, it would already be late.

Today there are many solutions to prevent the development of crabgrass in your garden. Many formulas are available to control the reproduction of crabgrass weeds without affecting healthy flowers and lawn plants. However, early spring is the right time to apply crabgrass preventers since the soil still has lots of humidity from the winter rains.

Applying these remedies soon after the winter is over will allow you to catch the starting points where crabgrass is present. You may also need to apply some crabgrass formula during summer. That happens when you live in places where summer showers are frequent and offer ideal conditions for crabgrass development.

Guideline To Reduce Your Crabgrass Exposure

Applying crabgrass preventer formulas is not the sole solution against its development. There are also other actions to take and minimize the risk of crabgrass reproduction in your garden with fewer costs.

First, you need to cut your lawn regularly and never leave it to grow over 3.5 inches of height. It’s necessary to have an irrigation system to water your lawn twice a day during summer. This will reinforce your turf without the need to add any other formulas to your soil. It’s good to remember that a frequent lawn care schedule would definitely lower your chances of having a crabgrass invasion during summer.

Yearly Scheduled Crabgrass Removal

Professional lawn services offer high-quality crabgrass removal sessions when you hire them to take care of your garden. Their experienced personnel could schedule a garden inspection every spring and give you a radical solution for your potential crabgrass problems. It’s good to have some experts to take care of your lawn without you having to worry about weather conditions and equipment maintenance.

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