Everyone needs some privacy, especially at home, where snoopy neighbors might be a common sight. But before picking a privacy tree or shrub, you need to understand that choosing something that only looks appealing to the eye won’t cut it. Landscaping needs careful planning and selection if you want to make your home stand out from the rest. A lot of science goes behind Landscaping Fort Wayne services, and so you need to have some background information about the available types of trees and shrubs and which ones go great with your property.

Questions to Ask Before Selecting Privacy Trees and Bushes

Your planting site deserves quality and thoughtful planning. Before buying seeds at the nursery, one should ask these important questions to get expert opinions:

  • What’s the ground situation? (The soil texture, pH, drainage, etc.)
  • Would you like a creeping or climbing shrub?
  • Does the planting site receive a lot of sunlight or wind exposure?
  • What’s the overall spread you’d like to see on your planting site?

Getting the answers to these questions will help you get the best privacy trees and matching shrubs. For instance, shrubs under 3 feet tall, including Bearberry and Boxwood, provide an accented hardscape design for your home. Fortunately, they require little excavation to set up.

Better Privacy With Larger Deciduous Shrubs

Perhaps you would love some better privacy, but smaller deciduous shrubs can’t seem to do the trick. Intermediate deciduous shrubs could hit 5 feet tall. Even better, these shrubs are an excellent option for the climate in the northern part of Indiana. Shrubs such as Japanese Barberry, Azalea, and Serviceberry offer better privacy than the smaller deciduous shrubs, and they also improve your property’s overall appearance.

Ultimate Privacy With Larger Deciduous Shrubs

Are you looking for larger privacy trees and shrubs? Larger deciduous shrubs could be the answer to your problem. The good thing with these shrubs is that they can grow into 9 feet of raw beauty that not only boosts privacy for you and your family but also enhance the aesthetic appearance of your home. Rose of Sharon, Purple Leaved Sandcherry, and the Butterfly Bush are just the tip of the iceberg compared to the many privacy trees and shrubs you can go for.

Privacy Trees

Everyone loves the privacy and environment provided by privacy trees. Although there are many privacy tree varieties in the market, common privacy trees such as the American Arborvitae are a good start. They offer privacy to your property for years to come. If you want to add more color and life to your home, try the Japanese Red Maple or the Eastern Redbud.

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